Whenever you are going out near the coast, it is a good idea to check the tide times. There are apps you can get for your phone, I use "Tides Near Me", you can check online or you can buy a Tide Tables book - Bookends in Christchurch High Street sell them, as does the shop at Avon Beach.

On this page you can see the tide times for today - for reference, these are the times for "Christchurch Entrance"


Tides, weather and fishing times

For more detailed information on the tides, local weather and even the best fishing times, please visit the Tideschart website which will tell you everything you need to know!
If you check out the blog, there's a lot of other interesting information about tides there too.

Sunrise and Sunset

I often check the sunset time before I go out, I don't like being out after dark!! You might like to check the times for photo opportunities while you're there.

Sunrise graphic (decorative only)
Today's Sunrise Time:
Sunset graphic (decorative only)
Today's Sunset Time:
Attribution: Times populated using an API call to https://sunrise-sunset.org