Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in a beach clean, you will always be welcome to join any of the events listed. Some events do require you to register so please make sure you check before turning up. Dates will be advertised on the Events page

Friars Cliff Beach Care Group dates will be advertised via their email list and usually has an event page on Facebook that is shared by Christchurch Beaches and Harbour.

Highcliffe Beach Clean Team dates will be advertised via the email list and also through their website and social media channels.

Mudeford Quay Cleanup Crew events and information will be published via their website and social media channels.

See the Beach Clean Groups page for contact details for both groups.

Would you like to do more?

If you like the idea of helping to organise events, or organising your own, please get in touch. I have a team of two who help with organised events but I have aspirations to do more so will be happy to hear from anyone who may be willing to help by being a group leader and / or first aider.

If you would like to go out on your own and would like some advice, get in touch and I will do what I can to help.


If you would like to organise your own clean, please be aware that you need to get approval from the land owner first. You usually have to provide a risk assessment and an insurance certificate and everyone has their own set of forms!

Land Owners

On this stretch of coast there are two land owners that I am aware of:

Avon Beach - The Avon Beach Company, contact details on their website: The Noisy Lobster
All other beaches - BCP Council, contact details on their Facebook page: Christchurch Beaches and Harbour

BCP Council / Litter Free Dorset
To organise an independent beach clean, please contact BCP Council and Litter Free Coast and Sea. You will need to have a team of two as a minimum to organise and a qualified first aider - you can't be the Team Lead and the first aider. Litter Free Coast and Sea can provide you with the forms that you need.

The Council have a large supply of equipment that you can borrow - please note that they will not support beach cleans unless equipment is provided for all attendees.

The Council's email address is on their Facebook page Christchurch Beaches and Harbour
Contact Litter Free Dorset: Get in Touch

Surfers Against Sewage
You can organise a beach clean with SAS, if you do this you will still need to check with the Council first and provide them with the insurance document and the risk assessment.

SAS Resources are here:

Marine Conservation Society
You can register with MCS to hold a beach clean. MCS require you to select a 100m section of beach and require a survey to take place.

You will need to complete their forms and provide a copy of the risk assessment and insurance document to the Council.

MCS Resources are here:

If you would like any guidance or help in organising, you can contact me through my social media.