Million Mile Clean

Join the Million Mile Clean - Highcliffe to Mudeford

Saturday 19th June 2021


My name is Amelia (aka Seashorty) and I am the Team Lead for various beach clean groups between Highcliffe and Mudeford. We've been out of action for a while now (I'm sure you know why) but ... it's time to make a come back 😊

I have decided to kick start each group with a brand new challenge and I need your help!

Surfers Against Sewage are running the Million Mile Clean so .... I signed you all up (you're welcome 😆)

Skip the detail - take me to the tickets!

Tell me more!

We're going to do a beach clean relay, along the coast from Highcliffe to Mudeford Quay, activating each of the beach clean groups along the way

Here's how it's going to work:

8.30am - 9.45am Starting the day will be Highcliffe Beach Clean Team, from from The Cliffhanger to the Zig Zag at Highcliffe Castle (for the early birds!)

Break Group photo and handover

10am - 11.00am Here, I will hand over to Kelly and Footprints Only South Coast who are covering Highcliffe Castle up to the end of the wave wall at Steamer Point

(Kelly and her team will continue to do their return journey to Highcliffe Castle, finishing at 12pm)
11.00am - 12.15pm Friars Cliff Beach Care will pick up the baton (well, the litter picker!), starting at the wave wall and walking along until we reach Avon Beach

Break Group photo and handover

12.30pm - 1.45pm I will continue along with volunteers for Avon Beach, up to where it meets Gundimore and the walkway to Mudeford Quay

Break Group photo and handover

2pm - 3.30pm Mudeford Quay Cleanup Crew will pick up from here and cover Gundimore and Mudeford Quay

Break Group photo and handover

If anyone would like to chat litter (I know, exciting!) or about anything else I'll hang around for a while when we've finished!

Please make sure you are waiting ready at the meeting point at your allotted time as I can't wait for people to arrive. If we've started already you can still join, but please come and find me on the beach to sign in before you start. You'll spot me, I'll be the one with a hi-vis!!

All times are obviously subject to some flexibility as I sign people in and out but we'll try and do this as quickly as possible to keep things moving.

I am limiting this to 10 people per stretch to help me co-ordinate and because I have to carry the equipment for the day!

We will be doing a brand audit - so you will need to keep track of any brand names you come across when picking up litter

Do I need to bring anything?

Clearly equipment is going to be exchanged between groups. I will have sanitiser available so can wipe down litter pickers. If you would prefer to wear gloves, please bring your own, this will save me having to carry 40 pairs with me!

If you happen to have your own litter picking equipment, please do bring that with you

I will provide bags, but feel free to bring your own. They will be plastic bin bags this time instead of my usual reusable sacks as we will have to leave rubbish carefully by the nearest bins at the end of each stretch.

What about social distancing?

It goes without saying that social distancing should be maintained at all times. We are allowed more than 6 people as long as no group is larger than 6 people (or one household)

When you arrive, remember to keep your distance from each other and please be patient while I sign people in, I'd be grateful if you don't all surround me at once! Step back, I'll tick you off my list and send you on your way 😉

I'm in, sign me up!

Amazing! Here are the ticket links:

Highcliffe Beach Clean Team
Mudeford Quay Cleanup Crew